The induction and anniversary ceremony of the Tax Club ABU Zaria was held on the 13th day of February, 2023 at the Centre of Excellence, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Business School.
It was a day of golden jubilee for the Club, its Executives and her Partners as the atmosphere of the University echoed and resonate that all roads lead to the auditorium of the Centre of Excellence for the induction and anniversary program.

The program of the event started at about 10am with the Welcome Address by the President of the Club Mr. Sodeeq Opeyemi Adesoye who appreciated all the invited guests, the members of the club and the well wishers that were in attendance. He specifically appreciated the Chairman of Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service Dr. Zaid Abubabak and the Director of Center of Excellence ABU Business School, Prof. Muhammad Awalu Haruna for gracing the august occasion.

It was a memorable occasion has the memory of the event linger and leave reminiscence of the top-notch presentations delivered by the keynote speakers which were laced with wisdom and impeccable knowledge of Taxation. Dr. Titilayo Fowokan, a keynote speaker while delivering her lecture via zoom meeting expatiated on the need of the Tax Clubs in Higher Institutions with the emphasis on the roles that the Club should prioritize. She concluded with the brief insight of taxes and its administration as applicable to Nigeria and the world. The two other speakers, Dr. Abdulazeez Philip Dalatu and Mr. Olufemi Michael Olarinde while addressing the members of the gallery unravelled the germane issues surrounding the practice of taxes and its prospect in Nigeria. Dr. Abdulazeez Philip Dalatu stated the need for more professionals in the field of practice and therefore advised the members of the club to pick up the challenge and make taxation as their of choice career path.

The Chairman of the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service Dr. Zaid Abubabakar while speaking at the occasion charged the club to be proactive in thinking on tax related matters and to focus on how to bring the evolving global-world to the realm of tax administration. He further emphasized on the issue of artificial intelligence, he praised the club for her doggedness for her proactive measure and advise them not to relent but to keep progressing. He concluded by reassuring the Club that Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KDIRS) would continue to play the fatherly role for the Club.
Prof. Muhammad Awalu Haruna of the Centre of Excellence in his own speech expressed his joy for commitment of the Club by taking the bull of the reality by the horn and most especially, the crusade of taxation and its awareness saddled by the Club.
The occasion was colourful and laced with celebration of distinguished personalities that were recognized through the presentation of an award of excellence. An award of excellence was given to Dr. Zaid Abubabak, Dr. Titilayo Fowokan, Prof. Muhammad Awalu Haruna, Dr. Abdulazeez Philip Dalatu, Dr. Muhammad Lawal and the Ex officio of the Club; Mustapha Abeeb and Majeed Agboola among others. Some members and executives of the club were recognized for outstanding performance of their duty and some were given prizes for the well-done job. The occasion also witnessed the presentation of prizes to the Winners of the Mandatory Quarterly Assessment Test (MQAT) which was conducted in year 2022 by the Club during the protracted industrial action of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).
The Staff Adviser of the Club, Dr. Salami Suleiman inducted the new members to the club and charged them to be dutiful in their respective obligations and to ensure that they at all time be a good ambassador of the club. He further urged the new and existing members of the club to abide by the Constitution of the club and the code of conduct of the University.
The occasion was enveloped with photographs session and the parting remarks by the Vice President of the Club Mr. Sule Mukthar.

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